St. Louis County provides assessment services for the City of Babbitt. Contacts at St. Louis County are:  Ben Thomas - 218-365-8206 or David Hillstrom - 218-365-8235

The primary purpose of the Assessor's job is to value and classify property within the jurisdiction of Babbitt which consists of three townships.  The classifications of property within the Babbitt jurisdiction includes:  residential, vacant land, commercial, exempt, mining, and personal property leases.  The Assessor also determines what residential property meets the criteria for being classified as a homestead.

If you are a resident, but will not be living in your home on January 2, you need to fill out a temporary absence form.  These forms are available at the St. Louis County Assessor's Office or on their website.

If you have a relative living at a property that you own, the property may be eligible for a homestead classification.  Please contact the Assessor for more information.