City Gov.

City Hall - 71 South Drive

The City completed a $2.5 million renovation in the former Emanuelson School building.  It has been renamed the Babbitt Municipal Center and is complete with fiber optics and geothermal heating/air conditioning.  It houses the City Administrative offices, the Council Chambers and a conference room for meetings, the Public Library, the Police Department, Assessor, Senior Citizens' Center, the Community Center in the gymnasium with optional use of a catering kitchen and the Economic Development Authority (EDA).  Approximately 10,580 square feet of space is still available for lease (2 rooms of 570 square feet, 1 room of 2,090 square feet and the north wing of 7,350 square feet - the latter two listings can be divided as needed).

The City Council and Economic Development Authority are optimistic for the utilization of the remaining space because of the availability of fiber optics.

The Comprehensive Plan and a Housing survey for the City of Babbitt have been completed.  These have been done to prepare for the future in anticipation of growth due to additional employment.

Babbitt City Hall

71 South Drive

Babbitt, MN  55706