Economic Development

The Babbitt Economic Development Authority welcomes all opportunities to grow the town of Babbitt.  Babbitt EDA offers grant programs to help your local business in the amounts of $5,000 - $10,000 for small business loans. In addition, there are many sites throughout the city that welcome a host of opportunities for manufacturing, call centers, retail outlets, as well as office space!  Commercial Lots:     For more information contact Andrea Zupancich at

The City also has residential lots with water and sewer available for sale on Mulberry Lane,  Five (5) double lots @ $16,000 each; and two (2) single corner lots @ $12,000 each.  For more information, contact Andrea Zupancich at  Residential Lots:


Babbitt's revised Comprehensive Plan is now complete and can be viewed at the following website: